Finally………..(To pay or not to pay, that is the question)

From the title you would probably think something has happened that I have been trying to get done for a long time, and you would be half right.

To me it feels like forever but in the grand scheme of life it doesn’t even warrant working out the percentage of my life I have actually put into it.

Ladies and Gentleman, I present – ‘Unnecessary Noise’. My Debut EP.

What’s strange is that when we focus on something so much, it all consumes us, it becomes us and that’s kind of how I have been lately with writing and playing and working towards this moment. The stark reality is that only a handful of people will probably hear the material and to be fair, I can accept that.

You see all the worlds great explorers did not discover wonderful new worlds because someone re-tweeted the coordinates. Christopher Columbus didn’t discover america because someone shared an instagram of some native indians getting mashed on peyote. Things are there to be discovered, so I will leave my little EP floating around in the ether we call ‘Cyberspace’ and hopefully every now and again someone comes across one of the tracks and enjoys it.

This kind of brings me onto to pay or not to pay. Many arguments and opinions are generally thrust upon artists when they come to a point to release music and I guess I can only speak from  my own ideas and thoughts. I have spent the best part of 6 months writing, practicing, recording demos, buying equipment not to mention the cost of the studio time and the cost to manufacture CD’s. Throw into the mix the time family and friends invest to support you and afford you the time to do certain things to achieve your goal and that’s a fair sum.

Even after all that I still find it difficult to ask anyone to part with their money, after all how can anyone conceivably coerce someone who has never heard of them or their music into paying for it? But then you have the dilemma of just straight giving it away. By doing this are you admitting your music is worthless and all the time and effort everyone put in is not worth a penny??

I think i found my solution (I stress MY solution) – Some websites allow you to  upload your tracks and then leave the price to the consumer/fan so essentially you pay what you think it’s worth no minimum and no maximum.

We don’t do this for money I think that’s obvious, every open mic you attend you can spot the musician a mile off, they’re the one drinking tap water!

So there you have it. My EP is up on  for streaming (free) and bandcamp where you can physically download it.

So what are you waiting for???? Go discover that new world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lessons Learnt………………

So 3 days into the new week and already stuff is happening.

On a positive note, I managed to get the first track for my Debut EP Recorded with the help of a friend and all round good guy Sam Scherdel ( He afforded me his time and equipment and together we got the first track down. Sam has played a very important part in  my journey to date, offering me advice where I may have needed it and introductions to people as well as allowing me to open for him on a few occasions. So thanks Mate!

I plan to have the EP done and dusted and ready to ‘Drop’ on 6th December. This is the same night that I open for toploader so It’s quite a big night for me (I’ll save that for another post though…)

Onto the lesson to be learnt………….

Back Story – I was approached to take part in a ‘Talent’ show of sorts. Dubbed as ‘The biggest search for unsigned talent in the UK’. I went along to an audition which went very well and I was told I had progressed to the next stage, it was however somewhat of an anticlimactic experience.

The more I was exposed to what was required to progress, the more it put me off…….£30 ‘admin’ fee to secure your spot on the next stage, selling tickets @ £8 each – 25 of them then it was £20 for photo’s and £40 for videos etc etc. This is not what I got into music for, to pay somebody else my hard earned money on the false promise of exposure to ‘the right people’. True, real, honest music is about sharing emotion and experiences, not about lining the pockets of some blood sucking, soul destroying ‘right person’.

Now don’t get me wrong, people need to make money and that’s everyone’s right. For me though, preying on the insecurities and desperateness of  musicians who stupidly or not fall for it (I Did) is a wrong and somewhat immoral route to take.

After a conversation with my family and weighing up the options I decided it wasn’t the path I wished to explore so I have removed myself from the competition.

I guess I will just have to stick to hard graft, blood sweat and tears etc, etc…………

To end on a positive note, I did Play a gig on Monday @ the Woolpack Live and although the crowd was sparse I had fun and met a few good people including Russ who run’s the venue and he has offered me some potential slots to open for some great acts so Yin & Yang, Positives & Negatives and all that Jazz.

Oh, so before I forget as the title suggests, ‘Lessons Learnt’. I guess what I learnt is that sometimes you can be a little blinkered by an ultimate goal or desire to achieve something and there is always somebody waiting around the corner to ‘Help’ you……… a price. x

Music, Music, Music……………………….

So, my blog is almost a week old, and what a week its been!

After hours upon hours of deliberation, comparison and self convincing I finally made a decision and took the plunge. I bought a Macbook Pro.

Yes, I know I am a slave to consumerism, blah blah blah. I like it , OK!

It wipes the floor with my Windows machine and if I ever get my small mind around this bloody recording lark then it will certainly come into its own there.


I had a gig on Friday night in Wroot, Lincolnshire supporting a local band called ’13 Women’ (


First two things I noticed on arriving at the venue was that there were only 5 members and not the advertised 13, but also there was not a single women, never mind the advertised 13!!!

To be fair to the lads the idea was simple yet brilliant!


1. Hire out a small but suitable village hall

2. Get a temporary booze license

3. Charge a few quid on the door and flog cans of lager wine etc for a small profit


It worked a treat! Ok so it wasn’t Glastonbury but it served its purpose and everyone involved had a great time, my set went well and the feedback was positive.


What did I learn this week???? Well probably just that being nice to people and not compromising yourself to conform to a certain way, be that in any part of life can lead us down some interesting and exciting paths. I for one can’t wait to see what’s at the end of this particular one

Wroot Village Hall



First of Many (I hope………)

So, now I have a site I guess I had better put something on it.


Here is my début single written my yours truly and recorded in my basement.


The song is called gone ‘Gone’ and it’s about the end of a relationship.


I hope people can take it and connect there own experiences with it it certainly is a time in my life that has made me who I am today.


Thanks for reading ♥

It’s Time………………………

Well, after a very successful meeting on Friday night with a client a few ideas were bounced around thus my web site is born.

Here is where I will be updating what’s going on in my world, such as:
Gig info
Track release info
etc, etc………

So I will leave you to ponder how you are going to deal with this packet of new and fresh information.

Have a nice lazy Sunday.